Friday, 29 March 2013

Our Haunted Hall

Today, in the spirit of spring cleaning, we began work on our hallway, stairs and front entrance area. Or as I like to refer to it, the most disgusting part of our house...

Bad lighting, cracked plaster walls, filthy old carpeting and a crooked banister were just a few of the problems haunting our dark hallway. And if that wasn't scary enough, the whole area spans two floors.

It was enough to make you want to go take a nap.

But with the sun shining and the spring air coming in through the open windows, I couldn't help but feel energized. Cracks were filled, old telephone wire was gleefully ripped off the baseboards and door frames, walls were sanded and BEST OF ALL, the bedraggled brown carpet was yanked off the stairs, thrown out the door, and dumped on the curb!

It was a dirty job, but it was so so worth it. This hall is going to go from drab to fab! Yup, I said it. 

Okay, how about a few photos?

Here are some 'before' shots that I took of the entire area:

Upstairs the hall runs from the kitchen at the back, to the living room in the front. 

The staircase leads down to the front entrance and foyer area.

Photos cannot capture how truly awful this carpet was.

Or can they? 
This was taken after we ripped the carpet up. 20 years of filth.

Hey, wait! Is that the carpet again? 
No, that's a lazy man's paint job.

Here you can see the first floor and front door.

Wouldn't you just die for these floors? 
Well, they're mine and you cannot have them.
Jealousy will get you nowhere.

LOOK at them. 

Haha, okay. I joke. The entire area is just so large and so darn ugly. It's going to be a big job, but I have A LOT of ideas for this space. I'll finish this post with a few pictures that are inspiring my vision for the hall:

The orange tile must go. I plan to paint a subtle checkered floor. 
What colour do you think? Mint? Grey? Light Blue?

I will continue the floor colours onto the stairs. 
Either mint/ white, grey/white, whatever colours I use for the checked floor.

This next picture I may just outright copy. I love the architectural detail added by the molding/ coat rack. Fun way to do a pop of colour and great storage options!

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