Monday, 9 December 2013

Holiday Decorating | Flowers + Plants |

I've spent the past week getting our apartment all seasonly outfitted! And this year I started the holiday decorating with something a little bit different.

I decided that since my favourite holiday decor is usually made up of things from the natural world (flowers, greenery, paper, lights, candles, fruit etc) that I would start my decorating by bringing some bright and cheery winter plants into our apartment. I purchased some potted paperwhites (I just love their snow white blooms), and some tiny evergreen varietals. After that, I thought it might be fun to have a try at making some winter floral arrangements. I purchased boxwood, blue spruce, snow berries, holly, cedar and lots of pretty white flowers.

I love this time of year; Christmas brings a sort of magic to the month of December. But not all of my decor has to do with Christmas. It's the beginning of the winter season, and I like to show that throughout my apartment as well. It's fun to bring winter elements into your home and make the new season part of the celebration. I think these floral arrangements are a perfect example of winter decorating. They're seasonal and festive without being too 'Christmasy'.


You don't necessarily need a shopping spree at Dollarama to make your home look festive. What says Christmas more than a bowl of mandarins on the table? Or a vase filled with evergreen sprigs? The simplest things are so often the prettiest. Understated elegance, that's what the holidays are going to be all about around here this year!

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