Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Trendy Tuesdays: Airy Jewelry

When it comes to fashion, trends are kind of like the little angel and devil on the shoulder. On the positive side, trends can shake up your style and tempt you into trying things that are new, different and maybe even a little bit outside of your comfort zone. Keeping up with trends can also help your look to stay current. But on the other hand, constantly evolving and emerging trends can distract you from the personal style that you know is right for you, AND trends are all too often the culprit behind the $90 impulse purchase that hangs at the back of your closet with the tag still on.

But good or bad, change is a hallmark of the fashion industry and it's part of what makes clothing so much fun. And each year these changes are paraded out in the form of trends. The trick is to sort through them and figure out what will work for you.

The best style advice that I ever got (and I hear this repeated constantly) was this: Figure out what your uniform is. Everyone has one. My uniform is a pair of well cut trousers (I like a cigarette pant), a simple blouse and ballet flats. Some people like skirts and sweaters, some people will always be jeans and t-shirt types. Once you get a feel for what you're most comfortable and confident in, sorting out each season's trends will be more approachable.

Here are some of the trends this Spring: full midi skirts, pastels, embellished tops, crop tops, perforated leather, athletic wear, shift blouses and collarless coats. So for example, since my go-to day wear is trousers and a blouse, out of the above trends I may try the shift blouse (because I love an easy to wear top), the collarless coat (if you know me you know about my obsession with outerwear- I mean, it's Canada, all we wear is outerwear!), and finally, I may also try the full midi skirt because although I prefer pants, I do love classic cuts and classic pieces and this great 'new' skirt is just that. I'll be skipping the athletic inspired garb and the perforated leather. And it's not that I don't like those looks, I just don't have an unlimited wardrobe budget, and I want to purchase clothing that I know I will reach for when I get dressed in the morning.

All this talk of trends has a purpose! I am excited to start what I hope will be a weekly posting called Trendy Tuesday. Every Tuesday (for the next few weeks anyway) I'm going to try out a current trend and blog about it. 

This week I am all about summer's new airy jewelry trend. We've seen a lot of statement necklaces over the last year, and while they look so pretty, especially when layered over a collared shirt or cardigan, with the warmer weather comes the baring of body parts! And this airy jewelry is delicate and simple and it looks ever so pretty when laid against skin. Airy jewelry just means jewelery pieces that are dainty and slim as opposed to chunky and heavy. I fell for this trend because I tend to like smaller more understated jewelry, and that's exactly what this trend is all about.

I picked up most of my pieces at Forever 21. Nothing was over $8! This trend extends from necklaces, to bracelets to earrings. Mixed metals are also in, so look for rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and silver.

I also purchased this bangle bracelet from American Apparel. They have them in a range of colours so picking your shade is a few minutes of childish fun. I went with the navy. 


Why ?
Try this trend to get away from the heaviness of winter wear (the wools, the pearls, the larger statement necklaces). Try it because it will add just a little sparkle to your skin. Try it because many of these jewelry pieces are so simple they are actually quite timeless. 

How ?
Wear it with tanks tops, tees, sundresses and even bikinis. These pieces are all about skin and summer. 

Love this look for winter? ...
Try this for summer !
I've shown off some of my fun jewelry finds above, now let me show you some of my jewelry crushes.
Etsy has so many incredible jewelry artists, here are some things that I'll be saving up for!

I saw Julianne Moore in an interview a few days ago and she was wearing a gorgeous bar ring. It was so thin and twinkly, I couldn't stop looking at it. I found a similar ring from SDMarieJewelry on Etsy. 

While visiting the SDMarieJewelry Etsy shop I was thrilled to find these alphabet charms. Their elongated minimalist style is both whimsical and modern. You could wear a single letter, or pair them up for a monogram or your friend's initials. 

Finally, check out this rose gold bar necklace by KmiDesigns on Etsy. 
A perfect necklace for this summer's dainty jewelry trend! 

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  1. I like the third necklace (the one with the green coat). It looks like a little centipede :)