Monday, 6 October 2014

October Update

For Chris and I, the beginning of October marks two months of purchasing only second-hand clothing. When I did the September update, I was lamenting the fact that I couldn't go out and shop at the mall; especially since the mall was swinging with the yearly back to school consumer frenzy. (My favourite time to shop)!

But only a month later, I have to say I'm feeling quite differently. I've done a large amount of shopping this month (perhaps in a desperate move to still get in on some of that autumn wardrobe-overhaul excitment). Chris even mentioned that I seem to be shopping more now that we're doing this challenge. And I think he's right. If I'm in the neighborhood of a thrift store, I'll pop in and shop. The key to this challenge seems to be shopping often. I'm not able to head to the store in search of ______, so in place of specific shopping trips, I shop weekly (sometimes even daily), with an 'I'll know it when I see it attitude'. 

And why not shop frequently when a pair of jeans may be $4 and a wool cardigan can cost as little as $7? This week my mom came to the city for a visit and we did a whole day of thrift shopping. We mapped our route, set out early, stayed out late and hit as many second hand stores as we could. It was so much fun! And at the end of the day we laid all our new purchases out on the bed and took stock of our new finds; my mom's armload of clothing had cost only $80 and I managed to get two pairs of skinny jeans, two wool pullovers, a plaid shirt and a denim blouse from Club Monaco for just over $100! We also picked up a lamb's wool cardigan for Chris, and in a move that only a partner can make, I've already claimed it for myself (it's just so much comfier that my morning robe)! 

After this month of thrift shopping fun, I can't urge you enough to consider shopping second hand. I feel like I've stumbled on some juicy secret: clothing doesn't have to cost a lot of money! I know that sounds corny, but as I said in my August post at the beginning of this thrift year, this challenge is a way to avoid the consumerism merry-go-round. And when I'm shopping at the mall, I can't help but be influenced by an item's price. A high price tag helps me to assign value to an item. How would I know I really really want it unless I can't afford it? And so the cycle of longing and spending goes on. The funny thing about thrifting is that all the high end brands are available, and why wouldn't they be? The cute labels, quality knits, and well cut pants are there, waiting to be bought for a dollar. After all, even designer jeans can be banished for causing muffin top!

Here are a few of my latest second-hand finds:

Left: denim top, Club Monaco ($45);   Right: grey wool pullover, Ralph Lauren ($18); jeans, Loft ($10)

 I've been finding tons of cute knits second-hand. Paying so little for lamb's wool, cashmere and angora means that I can purge my closet of the cheap acrylic knits that I purchased in the past, and this winter I'll be staying very warm and cozy! 

Going to need more shelves! (Almost all of these sweaters were purchased secondhand). 

Even comfy, around-the-house clothing can be found at thrift stores. This stripped cashmere cardigan (originally from the Gap) cost only $6 at Value Village. It's super soft and cozy and just my style; I'll be lounging in this all Thanksgiving weekend! 

That's it for the October second-hand clothing challenge update. 
Please check out the 11th later this week for more DIY posts and Thanksgiving goodies! 


  1. I've been a life long "Value Villager" but when you started second hand shopping, I thought "I need to go out and buy some stuff too!" lol
    So I got rid of all my pants that no longer fit (I was in denial for a really, really long time) and have bought 5 pairs of pants along with 3 sweaters, 2 shirts, 1 jacket, and 6 shirts, 4 books and a Hallowe'en costume for Aurora (the books and costume don't really count but I had to add them to the list!) all for about $110. Yay stuff!

  2. That's awesome! So much stuff! I've noticed that I don't mind purging my closet now, cuz I know that I can get things that fit well for next to nothing, so there's no point in hanging onto the old stuff that doesn't fit. And I don't feel guilty when I shop! There's a really good VV near my place, we should go next week!