Monday, 15 December 2014

December Update

We're 4 months into our year long thrift clothing challenge, and I have got to say that it's going very well! Since August 1st 2014, Chris and I have not purchased any 'new' clothing items. And at four months, I'm pretty much over the hump of really missing purchasing new stuff. I generally stay out of the malls and don't tempt myself. If I want to shop, I head to Value Village, Vintage Depot, or one of the many other second-hand clothing stores in the city. The funny thing, is now I don't even like to shop in the curated vintage stores. Places that hand pick their gently used pieces suddenly seem too pricey. Why pay for them to do the hunting when that's my favourite part? There's nothing like the hunt when you find a quality blouse or designer pair of jeans for under ten bucks! 

Earlier this fall, I found myself thrift shopping quite a bit, but over the last month I've dragged myself out to the malls in an attempt to do my Christmas shopping. After these excursions I'm too shopped out to make a Value Village trip, so lately this challenge has been mostly about abstaining from clothing shopping, and actually, it hasn't been as difficult for me as it would have been three months ago. The mall prices just look so so high, and the quality of material isn't always there. Thrift shopping has shifted my perspective in a way that I was hoping for, but not necessarily expecting.

I've still managed to nab a few new finds over the last month or two, here are my favourite new pieces:

Creamy wool sweater with awesome high/low hemline, VV ($10), Gap skinny jeans, VV ($15).

And allow me to introduce you to my newest and most favouritiest find, my vintage Ralph Lauren felt coat. It's comfy and grey with tassel ties, so I love it to bits, obviously! I was searching for a big coat to help me work this season's over-sized coat trend and this fit the bill perfectly. I wear it with my 'blanket scarf'.

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  1. wow lady! amazing you inspire me with your passion and creative flare, just fab girl!
    - Kristy, Texas